EFA releases introspective debut single, E.F.A.

EFA, emerging rapper who has shown his softer side hither to, with his
love themed and inspired rap verses on the Remix of Mo’cheddah’s If
You Want Me; DJ Klem’s Try Again as well as his very own (recently
leaked) One More Chance; has taken a more hardcore turn in the road.

E.F.A. deviates from what we’ve seen in his body of work so far. We
see EFA drop the playful and loving demeanor for a more rough edged
foray into the struggle that has come to make up the fast rising MC we
see today.

It was produced by uber-talented Knighthouse producer, DJ Klem.

1.The song ‘E.F.A.’
2.Press Photo
3. Artist Bio
4. Download link http://hulkshare.com/djeey3euj5ak


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