Zuriel Profiles Kenya Airways – “African & European Networks” To Showcase Her Initiatiative

Very succinctly, we are very excited to share this slowly developing sets of events, which puts Kenya Airways front and center of a fresh initiative by Zuriel Oduwole, and her quest to attract foreign investors to what she calls “her Africa”. She returned from Mexico a few days ago, where she traveled as an Education Ambassador and Peace Emmisary on her own volution to try and ease the tension between the US and that Spanish Speaking economic powerhouse.

She was welcomed with open arms across two states, and the city of Pachuca – the capital of Hidalgo state, honored with a citation and an Award her for her various global initiatives including her current mission as an Education Ambassador. Two months ago, Secretary of State John Kerry honored her in Washington DC, calling her the Worlds Most Powerful Girl.
Telling Africas Positive Stories – KENYA COUNTRY FOCUS
As a young film maker, who is also now teaching basic film making to Africa’s youths, she is telling the positive stories of Africa, but this time, showing to the world the business brands across the continent, and she has began with Kenya Airways. Her feature and story on the airline is now scheduled for various News and Business Program channels in Africa, Europe and the US over the next few months.
I am pleased to show a clip of one such that we have now recieved, from a West African network VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6CrHnDDmKU
In her own little way, she is adding value to Africa, its brands, and in this very case, Kenya Airways, by shining a positive light, and telling the story from the innocence and fresh perspective of a 14 year old African Child. She is now traveled to Johannesburg, to continue showcasing ‘her Africa’

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