Woman Brutalizes 12-Year-Old Girl In Delta

Reports says that the incident occurred at their family compound in Isiokolo, Ethiope East council area of the state on Saturday, 19th of March.

The lady Mercy Oba who is a sister to the blind woman and igho the grandaughter to the blind woman went to her antie’s room mercy oba and took garri and fish so herself and her grandmother can eat. Mercy Oba came in and noticed her garri and fish were tampered with and angrily walked into the young girl’s room, picked the food items and pounced on her. The blind mother managed to find her way down to plead for her to leave Igho, but she started to beat her too.

Despite people’s plead on the young girl behalf, Mercy went further to put pepper on a stick and insert the stick into the girl’s vagina which damaged her hymen.

An eyewitness said; People came and were holding her, but she threw their load outside, that they will no longer stay in the house. The next thing, she said she would kill them and nothing would happen.

Reports says the doctor stated that the girl’s hymen has been broken because of the force the auntie used in driving the stick into her private [email protected]

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