US Revokes Visas of Over 1000 Chinese Students and Researchers


The United States of America has revoked the visas of over 1,000 Chinese students and researchers deemed to be security risk on the claim that the blocked Chinese students and researchers had ties with the Chinese military.

This was announced during a speech by the Acting Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, where he reiterated that China had been “abusing student visas to exploit American academia.” “We are blocking visas for certain Chinese graduate students and researchers with ties to China’s military fusion strategy to prevent them from stealing and otherwise appropriating sensitive research,” he added.

Donald Trump had earlier made a proclamation in May that “certain graduate level and above Chinese nationals associated with entities in China” that support or work with the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would be blocked from entering the United States. The proclamation also disclosed that Chinese nationals studying in the US had stolen intellectual property and assisted the People’s Liberation Army. The US State Department has therefore confirmed that the United States has blocked the visas of over 1000 Chinese students and researchers, stating that they would have to apply for visas if they want to visit the US again.

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