Theresa May Considers Fourth Vote To Pass Brexit Deal

Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet are considering a fourth deal to present to the house of Commons for voting.

Mrs May said the UK would need “an alternative way forward” after her latest plan for withdrawer from the EU was defeated by 58 votes on Friday.

MP’s from all parties will test other options on Monday.

Mrs May  faces an uphill task as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on her to change her deal or resign immediately, while Northern Ireland’s DUP – which has propped up Mrs May’s minority government – also continues to oppose the deal.

She has also failed to convince 34 member of her party who say the deal will leave the UK still closely aligned with Europe.

Leave voters are angry at the latest rejection, and thousands gathered outside parliament tp protest against the delay.

Mrs May has until 12 April to seek a longer extension to the negotiation process to avoid the UK leaving without a deal. She also said any further delay would mean the UK would be involved in elections to the EU Parliament in May.

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