Love is sweet, they say but love isn’t limited to the singing and flying butterflies in the stomach. Love is beyond what and how we feel, it goes to what we do and how we behave to our partners. A true relationship goes beyond the feelings and emotions and acts out the feelings they confess to one another. This is not a one-sided thing, both parties must join hands together to build and create a true and viable relationship. 


In a true relationship, both parties give to each other without expecting anything in return. To make this effective, giving must not be one-sided and it must not be done with selfishreasons and motives. Also, the other party would pursue after his partner’s happiness and vice versa. In a true relationship, the parties see their parthers’ happiness and successes as their concern. Thus, they root for their partners, they are always there for their partners and they give their partners the push when it is needed.


True relationships have their moments when they disagree with each other from a point of misunderstanding, but they do not exploit the avenues of misunderstanding to disrespect their partners. True relationships also give us the platform to be real selves without fear or apology. True relationships celebrate each other’s strengths and embrace each other’s weaknesses. True relationships don’t play games because the partners are committed to making each other happy and are not together to hurt each other. With the signs mentioned above, are you in a true relationship or a false one?

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