Love has no restrictions or boundaries. Despite office laws and policies, workplace romance can never go into extinction. Two lovebirds in the office can fall in love with each other and sooner or later, one person will be bold enough to tell the Managing

Director about his feelings for the other person.


However, in most situations, the love turns sour quickly especially when it gets to a point where someone has to be forced to leave the job in a country where unemployment is on the rise. In such situations, it can be said that parties did not approach their relationship rightly in the work environment. 


Circumstances where the relationship hits the rock because one partner had to be forced to leave his/her job happen because parties were probably blindfolded by their feelings and do not take a logical step in assessing the consequences of their actions, in the event the company insists on enforcing her policies. Being able to reach the conclusion that they would still be together in the event of unforeseen job termination is a test proof of their love. 


It is also important to have a plan B in the event of an office romance. Parties who intend to leave the existing organization need to work towards getting another employment in another firm or being a sole proprietorship depending on the option that works best for them. Also, it is important to try out the option of speaking to your supervisor or head of department that would in turn speak to the overall boss of the company. If the management of the company can simply change the departments of each party without terminating their appointment, then, it would go a long way in strengthening their bond.


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