St#bbed 12-Year-Old Walks Mile For Help After Dad K#lls 3-Year-Old Sister

A bloodied and injured girl walked one mile to a McDonald’s for help after her father massacred her 3-year-old sister, police announced.

Juan Bravo-Torres, 39, stabbed the toddler to death last Thursday — then attacked her older sister with a knife as she was sleeping in their Florida home, according to Police Sgt. Derek Chenoweth.

The 12-year-old endeavored to fight off her father but eventually played dead after suffering various stab wounds.

Bravo-Torres then pulled the girl and her slain sister into a bathroom, where he turned off the lights before cutting his wrists and throat in an attempted suicide, Chenoweth said.

Once he lost consciousness, the 12-year-old left the home covered in blood and walked around a mile to a McDonald’s where her mother was working.

The girl recounted the horrific attack before a stunned worker quickly phoned 911.

After getting no response at the home and failing to reach Bravo-Torres by phone, police kicked down the door, discovering the dead child and Bravo-Torres inside the bathroom.

He was rushed to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Bravo-Torres, who is charged with murder and attempted murder, was due in court Monday, but the hearing was canceled after he entered emergency surgery, according to WESH-2.

Chenoweth gaped at the girl’s quick-thinking bravery despite the horrific events.

“The amount of courage this 12-year-old young lady had is just remarkable,” he said. “Grown adults may not have been able to come to that decision. And this 12-year-old did that, and she is alive today because of the choices that she made.”

Chenoweth said authorities earlier responded to a domestic incident involving Bravo-Torres at the home in 2011.

Neighbors and shaken officers have since left balloons and flowers in front of the residence in the days following the incident.

Bravo-Torres’ lawyer Jeff Dowdy said he expects prosecutors to seek the death penalty.

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