The Single Lady Survival Kit For Valentine

Valentine Day:  Single Ladies tips for Survival



We are officially in the season of love and a bunch of ladies who are dating already have plans  for valentine. What happens to a single lady who is without a ‘bae’?

It can be depressing, especially when all your friends seem to have date nights plan, here are some tools for survival.

You are not alone-   firstly, you have to understand that you ain’t alone. An estimated 40 million people spend valentine day alone every year.

It doesn’t have to be spent with a lover-  yes you read that right!   Valentine isn’t just for lover, you can spend the day with friends and family. show love and share with your loved ones. Buy them roses, will you!

Avoid  ‘my baby said, my bae is’ kinda people – Seriously, you should avoid braggers. Those who can’t stop talking about their valentine trip to Venice or Santorini, they will weigh you down.  Why not spend the day with a friend who is single, eat popcorn, see a movie at home.

Avoid couples-  It is in your best interest to stay away from lovey-dovey couple. It is not hating, you are just protecting yourself.  Tagging along with couples showing affection will hurt you.

Give yourself a treat-  who said you can’t have fun alone?  go to the movies, a spa treat, read your favourite book again. Whatever rocks your boat sister!


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