Rumors Intensify As To Prof Jega’s Removal Even As He Insists He’s Not Proceeding On Terminal Leave

Just a few days after the postponement of the Nigerian general elections of 2015, rumors have continued to intensify about the possibility of the current INEC chariman, Professor Attahiru Jega. This is based on reports of dissatisfaction with the electoral chairman by the President and a few other members of the ruling party.

Today, the INEC chairman refuted claims that he is about to proceed on terminal leave on March 1. His Chief press secretary said in a television interview today that; “Jega is busy preparing for the elections and you are asking about terminal leave. Does anyone planning to conduct elections go on terminal leave? There is nothing like that.”

Prof. Jega’s tenure runs till June 2015 and his chief press secretary denied rumors making rounds this morning that he had resigned.

Although it is entirely possible that the INEC chairman may be coerced into going on terminal leave much in the manner of his predecessor Prof. Maurice Iwu. However, it is definitely going to raise eyebrows if the INEC chairman is asked to proceed at this crucial point in the build up to the elections.

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