#ProgressWithJoy – My Personal Experience

Growing up for me was just like a regular average child. I had a strict dad who never seized to make me forget that the fear of a Nigerian father is the beginning of wisdom. I can categorically say that my passion for writing came from the reports of news we gathered, as I and my siblings were forcefully made to watch and listen to news by my dad as youngsters instead of playing with other children in the vicinity.

Starting a blog now seems to be the new trend among young people who want to have an internet presence or who simply just want to promote their brand/business and make some money. But it wasn’t so for me as passion and commitment has been my driving force. I can remember the early days of my blogging business, I did all-nights severally in various cyber-cafes in my area which made my dad kicked against my being a blogger big time because he wanted me to be an Accountant, but I kept at it since it was more of a passion than just a work.




Since there was no one to inspire me because I started out of passion, I realized it was a #ProgressWithJoy and I had to find myself all by myself. I built myself up thoroughly to stay focus and stand out. My being a blogger wasn’t premeditated, so I had more critics than encouraging words but I never took the negative ones to heart. All they serve as are mere tools of improvement and encouragement. It was purely passion. It started as a hobby before it grew into something a lot more serious. Managing a blog/website, creating the right content, driving traffic to the blog/website, pushing your brand out there isn’t easy.

If you are on this same road to success, trust me, the journey is of great adventure; though it may not look great yet, keep up with it there’s so much to be achieved as you #ProgressWithJoy.


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