Which Pot of Soup is EFCC looking for?

I get it that the EFCC is trying to sweep the country clean of corrupt public office holders and I support this fight with every cell in me. The corruption in this country stinks and it got to a point it was too real, it could be cut through with a knife.

But there is something in this fight that I don’t seem to understand. No one is being convicted, why? It is normal that if you suspect a person of anything against the state or a fellow human being, and you have backing evidence, you take the person to couth.

The person has a right to fair hearing and will be permitted to bring forth a representative in court in the person of a lawyer and evidence to back his/her defense; and if after the court examines the case, evidence and both parties, the person is either declared Guilty or Innocent.

If guilty, you face a sentence and if Innocent, you are free. Has the law changed lately? Or was there an amendment I am not aware of?

The activities of the EFCC in recent times are not convincing for one with an open and clear motive. The situation whereby you arrest someone, take them into custody for months (Femi Fani-Kayode was detained for 65 Days) and you request for ‘bail money’ in the tune of hundreds of million in a country whose constitution say’s bail is free.

What I don’t understand is, was the detained person guilty of Innocent? If guilty, why not charge Him to court to face the music by going to Jail or whatever the law stipulates; and if the person is innocent, why request for hundreds of millions for the person to return back home?

There is no back door to Justice and I think the EFCC needs to get their acts together and fight corruption through the front door rather than be a tool in the hands of few political figures to witch hunt old enemies and vocal opposition to the current administration.

Quiet frankly, that is how it seems now, from Olisa Metuh to Fani kayode, and now Ayodele Fayose. There seem to be a pattern here and it is not telling well of our fight against corruption, the current administration and Nigeria in general.

Or is there something the EFCC is looking for that we are not aware of?

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