Packaging Is Everything; Don’t Be Misled – Juliet Ibrahim Shares Social Media Secrets

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has advised young ones as she shares some secrets of social media which end up misleading people.

According to her, the one and only secret of social media are to package very well because it’s everything one needs.

She posted on her Instagram page advising young ones and individuals not to be misled by what they see on social media because not all are true.

She, therefore, advised on being content with whatever one has been able to achieve in life and not try to be somebody on social media.

“Don’t trust everything You see on social media, even salt looks like sugar.

Some people aren’t really all they “post” to be…

So, live your life and be content with whatever it is you have and have achieved for yourself. Do not wish to be like anyone else. Secret of social media is; Packaging is EVERYTHING! Don’t be misled. ?????


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