oraimo Partners With Carlcare To Provide Excellent User Experience

oraimo Partners With Carlcare To Provide Excellent User Experience

oraimo Partners With Carlcare To Provide Excellent User Experience

Smart accessory maker, oraimo recently launched the widely talked about oraimo 2baba Freepods 2, an intentional move to raise the bar between brands and the ever-growing number of talents in Nigeria.

The collaboration between oraimo and 2baba, a musical legend in Nigeria has put the brand on a new pedestal, which has increased both sales and visibility for the brand. Many have tagged it, a “match made in heaven” as 2baba as effortlessly represented the brand in many ways to give the consumers that re-assurance that they are dealing with a reputable brand.

In light of that, the brand has gone further to solidify its intention to better the user- experience and satisfy consumers by putting them at the forefront of their activities. oraimo has partnered with Carlcare to provide exceptional service solutions that caters for all consumers nationwide.

Carlcare is a leading customer service brand in the global emerging markets for brands like iTel, TECNO, Infinix, Synix amongst others, providing phone repair service and technical support. The good news for oraimo users is that, they have a certified repair brand if they do have any issues with any of the oraimo products, as no product can be “perfect” or alienated from wear and tear. Carlcare and oraimo have ensured they have properly trained representatives who are well grounded on the intricacies of the variety of oraimo products.

The service centers are a one stop hub for product check, replacement and repair services. More so, oraimo believes the partnership will accelerate brand trust, loyalty and credibility for the brand while being committed to excellent consumer experience.

oraimo’s products come with a 365-day warranty and are available at the best prices on ng.oraimo.com.

At any point, if you have any issues with the products, or you have complaints, inquiries, questions and issues under warranty, do visit the official website www.carlcare.com or send a message via our social media channels.

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