‘Proof of the Unbelievable 2015 GovernorshipElections’

Once upon an election in Akwa-Ibom State there were flawless results where the winner literally took all and more. The atmosphere was filled with fear but yet results showed the highest voter-turn out beating the national average and global average.

There were cases of violence, abductions and killings. There were stories of ballot box snatching; missing election materials and voter intimidation but behold the golden result sheet(tweet the picture of result) with a perfect process. So perfect that the card reader couldn’t read the hordes of voters leaving a big gap between what was announced vs. what the INEC server showed.

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Lets look a little deeper


Difference between the number of people accredited to vote per the results announced and results from INEC server per the card reader


No. of votes won by the Governor-Elect. A revolutionary win when only 437,128 people where accredited to vote per the card reader.

80, 584

The highest discrepancy recorded between the actual results and the announced results in Essien Udim LGA. Guess who comes from there?


The lowest discrepancy recorded between the actual results from INEC server and announced results in NsitIbom. Guess who comes from there?


The landslide victory won by the greatest of all time despite the massive violence and fraud recorded by local and international observers

1,350 Hours

The amount of time it would have taken to accredit the 81,021 people said to have turned out in Oruk AnamLGA assuming the process was perfect and machines worked optimally in each polling unit


Allotted time from INEC for accreditation per polling unit starting at 8am.


No. of cases where late accreditation or prolonged accreditation was recorded. Based on the data most PU’sstarted and finished right on time hence the rapid announcement of results on Sunday April 12, 2015.



With these INCREDIBLE results in the supposed time-frame with the violence and malpractices recorded- we’ll leave you to decide what actually happened in the Akwa-Ibom Incredible Governorship Elections…

See photos below;



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Akwaibom 5 akwa ibom 4 akwaibom election akwa ibom election akwaibom3

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