Nigerians Go Emotional On Twitter Over OJB’s Death

OJB JezereelBearing the news this morning , Nigerians react to the death of the popular producer/singer Babatunde Okungbowa aka OJB Jezereel, in different ways on twitter.

The death of OJB has been trending for the past 4 hours with a total of 11.5k tweets. He definitely was loved by a lot of people and would truly be missed. Below are a few of the tweets:

@SEBEBE28 Rest in peace OJB Jezereel

 African Queen by 2face has to be one of OJB Jezreel’s best works as a producer.

@Lolli-Phizzle Rest well OJB Jezereel may God keep the rest of us safe

@Yungchukzy 2016 be taking out friends in 2’s. Keshi and Amodu. Nomoreloss and now OJB??? RIP OJB Jezreel, Rest in the Bosom of the Lord.

D OJB Jezreel dead. This month of June fa.
@TundeYoung These days one cannot open twitter without being hit by bad news,its really tiring and painful,RIP OJB Jezreel.
Chaii…OJB, how you want make we do am now? How can we ever forget African Queen? Talented producer, we’ll def miss you. RIP OJB Jezreel
OJB Jezreel is dead? Damn! What is happening….. God please take away premature death from us.. R.I.P
Jigga, rest in a sweet and melodious peace. You deserve your accolade, you deserve the best of all the harmony u engendered
When was the last time these radio stations played any OJB jezreel song?

June 3: Muhammad Ali June 8: Stephen Keshi June 10: Shuaibu Amodu June 14: OJB Jezreel ? RIP!!!

Tribute to OJB Jezreel Pioneer Hiphop Producer in Nigeria and Producer of African Queen. You lived a life that touched millions.

 The only producer dat understands the true texture of my voice is gone. He calls me Natural auto tune. Rest on my mentor Jezreel

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