Nigerian Women in the Tech Industry

There is no doubt, Nigerian women are making their mark in different aspect of life in the country, such as; Science, Entrepreneurship, politics, finance amongst others. we would take a look at some inspiring women in  a male dominated industry such as the tech Space.

Here are some of the women making signifiacant changes in the tech industry;

    (LBS/ Olayinka David-West)
  1. Olayinka David-West: Olayinka David-West is the Academic  director and a senior fellow in the operations, information system, and marketing division at the Lagos Business School. She has bein working in the tech space since the early 80s, she was Head of resear5ch at Tara Systems Limited and a senior consultant at DPMS Limited in the 90s.

(Techwomenlagos/Omowale David-Ashiru)

  1. Omowale David-Ashiru: Omowale David-Ashiru is the country director for Andela in Nigeria, and the first woman to occupy the position. She has worked in various tech spaces for more than 12 years, including Accenture. She went from being an analyst to a senior manager consultant and senior manager in Accenture before joining Andela.

(Techwomanlagos/Moyinoluwa Adeyemi)

  1. Moyinoluwa Adeyemi: Moyinoluwa Adeyemi is an andriod deverloper with 5 years in the field. She is the first Nigerian to be certified a Google Developer Expert.

(Africancommunicationweek/Nkem Begho)

  1. Nkem Begho; Nkem Begho is the CEO of Future Software Resoucers, She started out in 2005 by working for a firm that was “trying to localise linux operating systems in the three main Nigerian Languages” 

(Techwomanlagos/Terabi Alebiosu)

  1. Tarebi Alebiosu; Tarebi Alebiosu is the managing director at yoke solution Limited. she founded the company in 2006 to offer technology solutio for the Lagos State Goverment, Rural Electrificaion Agency , Adam Smith International, Topbrass Aviation and other organisation.

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