Naomi Oni, Acid Attack Survivor Has Started Dating again, Releases New Photos


Victim of a vicious acid attack , Naomi Oni has started dating again. The attack which left her facially scarred for life didn’t stop her from dating.

Naomi Oni first hit the headlines in 2012, when acid was thrown over her face, head and body by her former friend Mary Konye as she walked home from work. The devastating attack, which happened as she made her way through Dagenham, burned off the now 22-year-old’s eyelids, eyebrows and some of her hair. She was left disfigured, scarred for life.

Since then, surgeons have painstakingly rebuilt her features and it’s given her a new lease on life – so
much so, she has even started dating again.

While her recent relationship didn’t work out, Naomi explains that she and the man in question are still friends and that the relationship really boosted her confidence.
Speaking to Closer magazine about her date, Naomi said:

‘He said I was gorgeous and completely took me by surprise – he approached me in the street and said he’d read about my story and thought I was so inspirational that he wanted to take me out. Things didn’t work out with the guy I was seeing and we’re just friends, but it’s boosted my self-esteem.
I’m enjoying being single at the moment but I’m ready to fall in love again with the right person.’


Naomi also says she is glad that her former friend got a long prison term but adds that it doesn’t change what happened.
She told Closer:

When I saw my face, I couldn’t stop crying. I thought, “Who’s going to want to marry me like this?” I felt so low, I didn’t want to live.’

Despite her ordeal, Naomi is set on pursuing a career within the fashion and beauty industry and is enjoying single life.She added:

‘The guy I was seeing looked past my scars to the person I am inside. It made me realise the attack doesn’t have to ruin my life.’

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