Music Review: Wiz Kid/ Wonder & Sound It




“Wonder” is a confident song, and the bulk of its strength draws from its Afro Beat inclinations. From the beats and entire production to the phrase ‘wonder’, what comes to mind is the much older Femi Kuti hit song.



Regardless, it makes for a great effort, although lacking in respects of theme and anything serious, other than talks of the female body and thinly-veiled sex allusions. Jamming, club-ready stuff.






“Wonder” is jamming, but this second one – “Sound It” – isn’t a bell ringer as much in the opening parts. Weakness through major parts, till it gains momentum and manages to salvage the damage with some street lingo and sprinklings of local texture for the man on the street to vibe to. Fair shot, but when we consider the fact of it having an air of the herb and sex in its gist, it labels the song a negative signature.



The song closes on that super note though, with Sarz finishing on a high, with some masterful pipe organ control in those last bits of things. Okay stuff.



Listen and rate, a Hit OR a Miss?







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