Music Review: Orezi/ “Shuperu”




Orezi is the hit guy. He has a certain understanding of dance music that sort of brings to mind mind something about the brilliance of a Wande Coal on a song and things.


“Shuperu” is lazy lyrically – although not intended for any more intellectual purpose per se – yet it serves it aim swiftly, knocking you out on first listen, something like straight whiskey. Pristine production, the beats have certain clap sounds that synchronize fittingly with Orezi’s singing.


The verses are market-ready, as is typical of Orezi, although some tweaking here and there makes for a better song. He shoves in bits of lewd textures here and there, as well as some street elements, all helping create another jamming cut for the close of year carousing. Jam!


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?





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