Music Review: Cynthia Morgan/ “Popori”




Cynthia Morgan’s “Popori” is straight up on point. She is effortless on this, no Jamaica-influenced accented bla bla; just some proper, natural effortlessness. Banging!



Tony Ross is the man behind the kicks and entire production, he puts some local beats and clap sounds together to create a pleasing base on which Ms. Morgan builds her edifice. Stunning goodness. “Popori” isn’t anything we haven’t heard – whispers of lewdness surround it, typical Cynthia Morgan style – still it makes you nod and hop like a pair of lofty boobs.



Another massive dance song is upon us in the wake of the festivities courtesy of Popori’s catchy ‘grooviness’. The song cruises along heavily, closing at 3 minutes 25, just the perfect time to cut a piece after a laudable studio show. This is a HIT, given the relevant push it should be stupendous.



Listen and rate.






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