ME AND MY CRUSHES – EPISODE 1 (Love and Disappointment Episodes)


You are the yellow that colours my pawpaw; without you, my pawpaw becomes bland like cassava and the sweetness becomes drained quickly as if it were poured in a sieve.


The news fill my ears everytime; they say you are the giant of your environment. Others say you are only a local champion; but I know they are merely jealous of you. Who wouldn’t be jealous of you, Sweet Rose? Who wouldn’t be jealous of your strength and your vitality?


Look, I already planned our ideal date night in my head. I have it all written down because you are worthy of a lifetime goal. I can see us together as we walk hand-in-hand to one of the best restaurants in your favourite country. I can hear the skies singing above us; as we make a toast to your greatness. I had you all figured in my mind until the day I saw you.


Am I crying? Yes!!! You do not look as great as I heard. You look like a broken, homeless child. It is very obvious that your hair has suffered a great lice attack. But despite your looks, you have a happy spirit which makes me hopeful and infuses a great bout of energy that makes me look forward to seeing you as I imagined you. You are my long-time crush, but till that becomes real, be safe and be happy. 

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