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Mayorkun Covers Guardian Life Magazine

The Nigerian musician, Mayorkun has covered the latest edition of the Guardian Life Magazine where he talks about his rise to being an active player in the entertainment industry. He spoke about being his parents, who were already in the movie industry, and how they were initially reluctant about his decision to go into the entertainment industry.

Being a banker, his parents wanted him to face the banking industry squarely but things soon took another turn when Davido, the popular musician reached out to him on Twitter after he uploaded a cover he did for one of Davido’s songs.

On his recently released song ‘Betty Butter’ and the comment he made after the release on social media which said that the song took him three months, he said, “First of all, when I say three months, I do not mean it took me three months to write, all the experiences in the song started from three months. I probably did the song in a night with different takes.”

He also spoke about his song ‘Geng’ which was a major hit and the events that led to the writing of the song. He said, “I got a new camera, I don’t know anything about it. On the other side, I was recording this geng song and asked the producer, Q-beat, to try this UK beat. I went up and before I came back, while making the beat and recording lines, the guy that held the camera came and caught everything. It was not edited, it was just one take, and that was it.”

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