Lagos Facebook Hangout: When Friends Decide To Leave Their Virtual Zone

By Debo Popoola

Friendship is like a flower: it blossoms, steadily and stealthily, in the dry, bumpy and green garden of life. Like the proverbial seed that falls off the seed-sack of the careless sower traversing a lush field, it grows amidst obstacles of various degrees –  the roughages, twigs, the giant grass and the sharp eyes of hungry birds. It is nourished and nurtured to effervescent beauty through deliberate effort of the parties involved, thus the need for the Lagos Facebook End Of The Year Hangout.



There is no doubt that Facebook has reshaped the way humans related with one another. It has stamped on our generation the popular parlance that the world is a global village and that humans flow like water. Facebook has given us the opportunity to meet and relate with people we would not have had the opportunity to meet throughout our entire life judging by distance and geographical location.

The purpose of organizing the Lagos Facebook End Of The Year Hangout is to realize the main aim of friendship which is networking.

Many of us have found happiness in a person we have never met physically before, imagine what happens if we finally meet that person; others have developed lovely affection for a guy or a lady they have not seen before, imagine what happens if they finally see face-to-face; and we admire some people because of their intelligent and educative posts, meeting these people face-to-face will be an awesome experience.

A lot of activities have been scheduled to make the event an all-round fun: there would be dance competition, rap competition, comedy, music, hot seat, comedy award, networking, and most importantly, there would be great quantity of eating, drinking and dancing! WOW!

The date is Dec 17, 2016; venue is Kernel Park, Surulere, Lagos

For enquiry and sponsorship, please contact:

Glowville: 08038273738

Dee: 08062304553

Ogbeni LA: 08109949294

Debo: 08102955636




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