The ban on social gatherings during the Coronavirus pandemic might not go well with extroverts; as they are restricted to staying indoors, a trait which is not common to extroverts. Here is how to cope without social gatherings as an extrovert:

  1. Always stay connected, even if it is through social media apps: Extroverts love to be connected to people and this is why they love social gatherings. So, you can stay connected to people through calls which you can spice up via apps like Zoom or WhatsApp which allows for video calls. You can even organize a group video call where you get to connect with your friends during the lockdown.

  2. Participate in activities that require energy: Do something that would not require you sitting all day. Stand up, exercise or better still, play some music and dance your heart out. If you can’t go to a party, bring the party home.

  3. Take a walk especailly to places where you know you will meet people: You don’t have to stay indoors forever. If you have neighbours, then you just got lucky. However, make sure you practice the social distancing guidelines as you interact physically with people.

  4. Make new friends via the social media platforms that allow for interaction like Twitter and Instagram. However, make sure you protect your mental health from toxicity as you do this.

  5. Engage in personal development: You can take courses that you find interesting and you can also participate in online courses and trainings that would help you harness your energy in the right way.

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