The end of a relationship can be devastating and awful. It can lead to depression, difficulty in sleeping, eating, processing your thoughts or outrage. The things you once thought were fun might not appeal anymore. Depending on how long you were together, or how intense the emotional attachment was, you may even feel fed up with your life.

So how do you get over a heartbreak when one comes your way?

1- Try to take a step back from your daily life and think about it. Be honest to ask yourself questions. What went wrong? What did you or did you not do right? It may be helpful to seek help from a marriage or family counsellor. Life is messy and can be complicated but without strong support, many people lose hope that things will ever get better.

2- Let go of the moments. This is not so easy but it will help you heal in the process. Get rid of things like pictures, rings, music, clothes. Hanging on to reminders of the relationship or marriage will get in the way of moving on. This can be hard to do but it’s necessary.

3- Keep yourself busy. Spend more time on yourself positively. Do something positive and productive like hanging out with friends but be choosy with the kind of friends.

4- Take care of yourself physically and mentally. This is an opportunity to read books to change your perspective a little more, eat healthy and do some sports.

5- Move on. Keeping tabs on your ex on social media can intensify your heartbreak and impede your healing process. Avoid the urge to check his posts if you feel sad seeing him with someone else.

Having your heart broken over a marriage or relationship is going to hurt. Getting yourself back together after a break-up is not easy but it is possible.

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