The Covid-19 season is not a time to relax on marketing and take a break on sales especially when there are social media platforms that enable the growth of businesses presently. As a business owner, you should note that the Covid-19 season is the best season for spreading information about your business, because it is likely to be seen by a lot of people who have been forced to stay at home and thereby visit social media platforms regularly as a tool in fighting against boredom.


Thus, this article explains handy marketing tips that can help your business in the Covid-19 season:


  1. Giveaways work like magic: This is a season to make unforgettable prints about your business with your customers. After Covid-19, your customers will remember what you have done and give you a renewed type of loyalty you deserve. 
  2. Run paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram: Now is the time to run that advertisement you have always wanted to do about your business. No need waiting anymore, this is the season where people will be patient to know about you and what you do. So, what are you waiting for? Click on that button and run the advertisement. 
  3. Review your previous plans about your business and make new ones, if need be: Check if your previous business plans ever worked for your business, if not, feel free to come up with new plans for your business.
  4. Do you have a customer database? Genuinely check in on your customers. Send them how to keep safe messages and find out how you are doing. 

These are subtle yet handy marketing tips that can make your business still relevant after Covid-19. 

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