As football matches start again after a long ban on sporting activities, German doctors have warned footballers of the risks in exposing themselves to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. The doctors asserted that a case of Coronavirus pandemic could lead to a complete lung failure and a complete shut down of a career in football.

Thus, players are advised to maintain the strict guidelines of playing beside closed doors in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the pandemic.

Professor Wilhelm Bloch from the German Sports University in Cologne said, “there is a risk that top athletes may lose their level of performance and never regain it.

“Generally, the physical makeup, immune system and cardiovascular system of elite athletes means that the risk to them is low.

“However, we do not know at this time whether even minor infections, or even mild symptoms, do not cause damage, such as minor scarring of the lungs after an inflammation.

“This damage may be irreversible, or may last a very long time before the body repairs it.

“We’ve already had players infected in Europe and we’ll soon know if they recover their full potential”.

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