The lockdown meant several things to several people; for some, it meant a time to catch up on the sleep that they have missed and for others, it meant the holiday season they have somehow prayed for so they could work on their long-forgotten goals. While some are coming out of this pandemic with new business ideas, ready to tender a resignation letter to their boss on the first day of resumption, some are coming out with a new body type (which is amazing).


However, some didn’t learn a new course or learn a new skill, some basically learnt certain new things about themselves, or about their spouse and in some cases about their children. Certain spouses discovered the humorous side of their significant other and certain people also went through a journey of self-discovery which the lockdown helped them to achieve. 


I must say I learnt a new recipe of cooking vegetables; thanks to the food pages on Instagram that kept posting content. What about you? What did you learn? It doesn’t have to be a skill or a course; what new thing did you discover about yourself, your spouse or even your house? 


Please share your new discoveries with us in the comment section.

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