Dear Jollof Rice, how I love you so!

Dear Jollof Rice, how I love you so! The “kputu kputu” sounds that you make while I wait for your arrival, to feel you caress my lips and satisfy the hunger I feel within. Jollof Rice, you is bae above the all, you are my redy pawpaw and today I celebrate you for your yearlong loyalty and availability.

Without overemphasizing the importance of Jollof rice being the main Bae, MAGGI Nigeria and Kitchen Butterfly have organized a special event to celebrate World Jollof Rice Day (22nd August) .

Jollof-Rice-Lovers Unite! On Sunday, the 21st of August between 4pm & 7pm at Whitespace, Ikoyi, we will have a chance to unite and celebrate Jollof Rice.

jollof rice

jollof rice

On that Jollof-blessed day, there will be:

~ a Jollof Rice Exhibition: Involving food art from super-creative Haneefah Adams (@muslimahanie) and the winners of the Instagram Photo Contest for World Jollof Rice Day; Famous Jollof Quotes and more

~ a Short introduction to Jollof Rice, its history and culture.

~ a Short talk by Folakunle Oshun who’s a Sculptor and the convener of the first Wolof/Jolof exhibition.

~ a Book Meet: A discussion on ‘Jollof Rice in Literature’ (Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, Without a Silver Spoon by Eddie Iroh, others) by panelists Wana Udobong, Ozoz Sokoh & Amanda Chukwudozie . The session will be moderated by author of Fine Boys, Eghosa Imasuen.

They will explore themes that cover:  Cultural significance of Jollof;  Jollof Rice across ethnic and socioeconomic barriers; Jollof as comfort Food/ Food from home.

~  Jollof Rice Eating! Jollof Rice specially made by Ghana High.

~ a jollof-ly exciting party afterwards with loads of music and drinks!

Excited yet? See you there! Don’t forget: Whitespace, 58 Raymond Njoku, Ikoyi on Sunday, August 21 at 4 – 7pm! Come hungry!

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