Cubana Chief Priest Pays Visit to Woman Who Helped Him During His University Days

Nigerian celebrity bartender and social media celebrity, Cubana Chief Priest has paid a visit to a woman who helped him during struggling periods in the University.

Apparently, the woman owns a provision shop near the University where Cubana bought from. Although Cubana did not mention that the woman helped him financially, it was evident from his post that the lady in question and her children extended warm hospitality to Cubana.

Sharing the photo, Cubana attached this caption: “During My Uni Days This Provision Store Saved Me, This Mama N Her Sons Were There For Me For No Reason, They Genuinely Loved Me For Who I Am, They Never Knew I Was Gonna Be Who I Am Today, That’s Pure True Love, Had To Stop By To Let Mama Know They Raised A Super Star Thank You MaMa I Dey For You For Life #CelebrityBarMan.”

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