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The current pandemic in Nigeria has made the development goals unsustainable and unachievable, as Nigerian leaders are battling with how the people will stay alive first before they think of how to make the economy of the country a ‘livable’ one.


The following Sustainable Development Goals are being affected in the country now due to the Covid-19 pandemic:


1.Poverty alleviation: With many economic theories on the global economic recession, Nigeria might not be able to achieve its poverty alleviation goals as certain private companies are closing businesses while some are at the verge of shutdown. Unemployment might be on the rise and the poverty state of the country might not be handled efficiently by the government, at least for a start. This problem can however be solved if the government develops the agricultural sector and sponsors youths who are willing to go into the agricultural sector. If this is done, this will lead to a boost in the economy and in the long run, poverty alleviation.


  1. Healthy lives and promotion of wellbeing for all at all ages: This particular Sustainable Development Goal has been attacked by the Covid-19 pandemic as the numbers of people down with the sickness in Nigeria keep rising. The lives and wellbeing of all in Nigeria is currently under high risk due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the pandemic has enlightened the leaders of the nation at all levels of the need to invest into the medical state of the nation, in order to be able to manage the outbreak of diseases without asking for international medical help.


  1. Provision of inclusive and equitable quality education for all: The pandemic has caused all learning institutions to shut down all educational activities until recently where certain private schools made provision for online learning and education. However, online learning has not been implemented in certain public schools, especially schools in rural areas. Thus, due to this pandemic, the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education for all as a Sustainable Development Goal remains unachievable. 


The current pandemic has done more harm and no good to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals; it is therefore imperative for all to join in the fight against Coronavirus so that the implementation of these Sustainable Development Goals will soon become fulfilled.

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