The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Honourable Justice Tanko Muhammad has ordered courts to take urgent measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic by decongesting correctional centres through speedy trials and administration of justice.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria has further explained that the reason for his decision is because the United Nations had sent a message that correctional facilities should be decongested so as to ensure the practice of social distancing measures in prisons. He also explained that judges have an important role in decongesting prisons by having speedy trials for cases awaiting trials as records show that out of the 74,127 inmates at various correctional centres, 52, 226 persons are awaiting trials.

The CJN has therefore ordered all heads of court to visit prisons for the purpose of releasing deserving inmates, either conditionally or unconditionally. He also said that the heads of court should send their reports after their visit for proper compilation and transmission to the relevant authorities.

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