Cecil And #AllLionsMatter

By now, we all know about Cecil the Lion who was killed by a dentist. It’s amazing how people look into issues like this and ignore #BlackLivesMatter.

People are showing compassion for Cecil the Lion than the number of black people killed in the past years. The hashtag – #AllLionsMatter broke the internet and it shows  how people can bring out their amazing side.

According to BBC, The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said it was “deeply concerned” about the “tragic” death of Cecil the lion.

Director Dan Ashe said they will “go where facts lead” but efforts to reach Walter Palmer have been unsuccessful. Mr Palmer says he thought the hunt was legal but two Zimbabwean men have been arrested over the popular lion’s death.

The dental practice he runs in Minneapolis has been closed since he was named as the tourist who shot Cecil, Zimbabwe’s most famous lion.

Protesters gathered outside the building on Wednesday, carrying placards saying “Justice for Cecil”, “Trophy hunters are cowards” and “Prosecute poachers”.

On Thursday, the White House said it would review a public petition to extradite the American dentist after more than 100,000 signed it. Read the rest here.

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