Beyonce Stands Her Ground, “I Did Not Lip Sync” With Video Proof


Since the news reports went viral, a new video (different angle) plays the real audio from her mic minus the speaker system, proving that Beyonce did not lip sync at the ceremony explaining why she removed her earpiece (unnecessary feedback).

Despite the recent reports about Beyonce lip syncing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony on Monday evening, the 31 year-old pop diva is standing her ground as sources close to her is saying “Beyonce did not lip-sync at the inauguration swear-in ceremony, as she did sleepless nights of rehearsals.. exercising her vocals for the event.”

TMZ also reports, “We spoke with Marine Corps Sgt. Kristin Dubois (a Band member) said that Beyonce notified the band at the last minute that she will be using a pre-recorded voice track, because of the cold temperatures affecting her vocals.”

However, Kristin then told the Miami Herald that Beyonce did not have the opportunity to rehearse with the Marine Band and a live performance by the band would be risky.


Beyonce singing at the inaugural


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