Popular hair icon, social media personality and recent winner of the Guinness world record tallest hair, Benny Harlem is known for sharing beautiful pictures of himself and his 6-year-old daughter on social media.
Both personalities have long and black hair which they style and flaunt to promote their cultural heritage and pride. He had this to say on Instagram some moments ago concerning frequent racism attacks on both himself and his daughter on social media and concerning the current threats against him and his family:


“LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE! I’ve done nothing but love and help people from all walks of life … There are real forces out in the world trying to spread endless lies and rumors … I don’t believe it’s one man or woman I believe that it may be a group. I’m constantly being threatened and Attacked… they create fake social media pages and follow me and my followers. It’s almost too strange to wrap my mind around … why? I will no longer take these threats lightly .. I’m getting in touch with attorneys this week and I will find a way to have this handled and settled.
We ain’t that kind of people .. I stopped fighting and started loving folks years ago… It’s hard to sleep when your wife can’t sleep… I have leads on who might be behind this but it’s almost like that’s not enough according to 4 meetings I had today … I’m exhausted from months of fighting. I’ll leave everything social media for my families peace. I’m going to put my daughter to sleep and go Live to speak ……”

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