Being A Press Statement Delivered By Leadership Of APC Youth Wing At The InternationalPress Conference, Lagos

Fellow Compatriots, members of the fourth estate of the realm, Ladies and gentlemen. Let me congratulate the good people of Nigeria on the very well deserved victory of General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) at the just concluded presidential elections.


We truly deserve to be congratulated as a people because not only did we think this, we thought it through and fought hard to ensure it all didn’t end as a dream. This is indeed an assurance for us that we can look into the future with more faith, hope and direction.

You will agree with me that what we have achieved today is the least of what we have to put in place to truly institutionalize change. There is need for us to prepare grounds for smooth running of this government to help it deliver on all of the promises.

Today, the success recorded so far in Lagos state is one of the many proofs of the commitment of the great party to pro-people programs and it is something we need to guide jealously.

Weeks and days before these elections, the people of Lagos were subjected to series of harassment, intimidation and sometimes blood letting of our people in the hands of desperado who were hell bent standing against the determination of the good people of Nigeria to bring about change. Despite the provocations, we remained firm and resolute not because we were afraid but for the singular fact that we had our eyes fixed on the laurel. The people of Lagos State today have been vindicated and this once again, deserves huge congratulations.

Let me seize this opportunity to call on the youths of Lagos State, youth members of the party, artisans, students and youths to brace up for yet another assignment come April 11, 2015. The presidential election should serve as a springboard to reinforce our determination to fully set the template for change in the country.

I wish to appeal that we put our numerical strength to use.

Let us come out en masse to vote for the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Akinwunmi Ambode.

Lagos state in the last 16 years has successfully established herself as a state to learn from. We can’t sacrifice these many years for dreamers. Lagos has been working and it has to be taken to the next level.

Finally, I cannot over-emphasize the need for us to remain calm even in the face of provocation. Do not be provoked into taking violent reactions for what we have to achieve is far more important than engaging oneself with confused and over pampered ragtag criminals.

May I also appeal to the security forces to remain unbiased in the discharge of their duties. Already we have set this country on the part of greatness and will appreciate if same is protected. We all shall benefit from this system when this becomes a reality.

May I also crave the esteemed indulgence of well meaning Lagosians who despite the various challenges encountered during the two-day voting exercise defiled all impediments to exercise their franchise to do same by coming out on April 11 to vote for the Ambode/Adegbule ticket in the gubernatorial election.

Vote for the continuity Lagos State deserves to keep her on the track of socio-economic growth and political prosperity.

God bless Lagos State.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you.


Tayo Sanyaolu

Lagos State APC Youth Leader


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