When a Baby comes at the wrong time

The loud whispers coming from the building directly opposite my residence were too touching to ignore, I had no choice than to inquire what happened and the reason for the crowd that was gradually growing on the street.

It was a child, an abandoned child. For some reasons, the mother didn’t need the child or probably couldn’t cater for her so she placed the new born baby in a box by the side of the road.

Sadly, no one saw the child early enough or probably the persons who saw her didn’t see the need to help or raise alarm for others to come and help.

The baby laid lifeless in the box, sent back to where she had come from to deliver a message to her creator and sender that the world is padded with perpetual wickedness and man has become worse than beasts.

Everyone gathered and even passers-by who were informed of the reason behind the crowd could not hold themselves back from raining curses on the mother of the abandoned child.

There were different curses including those that twinkle the ears. Someone even prayed that God shuts her womb and kill any man she mates in future. Damn! What has he done wrong?

As the event played on, I drifted into thoughts and asked myself ‘will a mother in her senses and without issues – which only her can understand abandon her baby to die?’ No!

Let us be sincere, the world isn’t fair and a lot of people are in a lot of shit, abandoned by family and friends. I know there is a point in saying that she shouldn’t have resulted in putting the baby by the street, but if she had brought her to you, would you have accepted it?

An orphanage would have been the best choice and only God knows why she didn’t take that option, but who am I to judge?

My point here is that there is a social ill in the world today which we all contribute to. We all need to see things more differently and show more human kindness even against the status quo and even if it means going out of our way.

If that woman had a family, friend or individual she could trust to assist her in her trying times and training of that child, would she had done what she did. On most occasions, everyone turns their backs when such things happen and some families even send the girl packing.

I may be wrong but I think she, in her little world had no other option. Although evil, unconditional love to all around us whether they deserve it or not is the only antidote to such menace in our society.

Please share your thoughts and correct me if I am wrong.



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