Pregnancy is a blessed gift that can make you go from jumping to screaming except in circumstances when it is unwanted. However, whether you have always looked forward to pregnancy or not, these are the things you should do immediately you receive the news of your pregnancy.

  1. See a doctor: Carrying a baby is exciting yet delicate. It requires that you adhere to strict medical regulations which you can only get from your doctor. Forget the herbs or supplements you think might be beneficial and see a doctor first.

  2. Stock up on folic acid supplements: Folic acid supplements help your baby not to develop brain and spinal cord problems. However, you should follow your doctor’s prescription on the usage of folic acid.

  3. Stop the intake of alcohol and caffeine. Experts have found out that alcohol intake can increase the probability of miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight. It is also advisable to stop smoking as this can even cause stillbirth.

  4. Stock up on vegetables and fruits: If possible, contact a nutrician to create a healthy diet timetable for you.

  5. Exercise: This will help you to stay fit during and after pregnancy. It does not have to be hard, it can be as simple as walking and dancing. However, seek the instructions of your doctor before you participate in other strenuous activities.

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