#AfricaNeedsYou campaign: Chude Jideonwo leads the future awards team on a trip to Chibok

The Boko Haram insurgency has no doubt been comprehensively reported but there’s another side to the story.
The other-side of the Boko Haram menace that’s often ignored is the human angle, the casualties, the sufferers of the evil attacks and the displaced, hopeless-feel.
Hence, it was a matter of morality and duty for The Future Project to seek to help bring to the fore, tales of those directly affected by insurgency.

As part of the 100-city #AfricaNeedsYou campaign, The Future Awards Africa 2015 team, led by founder, Chude Jideonwo, recently embarked on a fact-finding trip to one of Boko Haram’s nerve center, Chibok, in Borno state.

During the trip, The Future Project got to ascertain the state of things and the plight of displaced Nigerians in the North-East, as well as the ruins left behind, in the wake of Boko Haram’s attacks.
Below, is a short photo-story of the trip:


Entry into Borno through Mubi- one of the towns that was captured by Boko Haram


The Vigilante team of Chibok that supports the work of the Army


Founder of The Future Project, Chude Jideonwo, viewing the burnt armoured tanks along the war zone between Mubi, Hong, Mamchika and Gobi village. These villages were captured by Boko Haram


Founder, The Future Project, Chude Jideonwo and the Yola Hub Leader, Yusuf Wasini inside the Malkohi Camp


The Malkohi Camp in Yola that was bombed in September 2015. It serves as temporary abode for Displaced persons from Cameroon and Borno


Chude Jideonwo shares relief items to displaced persons


sharing of relief items at the camp


Next stops are other conflict hot-spots; Mubi, Yola, and Maiduguri…

Credit YNaija


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