Many are called but few are chosen, fewer still are fit for the job. Are you in a leadership position and floundering? These are 7 succinct lessons in leadership, unforgettable really.

  1. Foster teamwork. No more one-man mopol; delegate the tasks to your team members while you supervise the work.

  2. Care for others. Go beyond those surface excuses, find that reason why people are not giving you 100% effciency. When you find the problem, tackle it

  3. Have a common vision. A big umbrella under which everyone can stand. A goal that pulls everyone along and gives everyone a sense of purpose. Carry your team members along concerning the goals you want to achieve in your organization.

  4. Talk less, listen more. Attentive listening is a skill that all leaders should imbibe, as it is efficient in establishing a connection between you and your followers.

  5. Be genuine. Don’t lie, emotions are subtle signals that can be detected despite our words to the contrary. Tell the truth always but tell it tactfully.

  6. Praise. Give praise to who it is due, know when to give your team a clap on the back, celebrate the achievement of certain goals and relax together.

  7. Don’t gloss over errors. Not only does this retard growth, you lose the respect and trust of your team. Be sure to tell people when and where they are going wrong however, make it a constructive criticism and in a respecting tone of voice.

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