Mabel Makun Asks DSS To Attend To Her Call On Security Threats

Mable Makun

AY Makun’s wife, Mabel Makun has taken to social media to voice out her frustrations over the current insecurity situation in the country.

In a post sighted on her Instagram page, she has been going through a hard time trying to cope with the insecurity. She called out the leaders to provide answers to the people and give an account of the situation.

She wrote: “So DSS Nigeria has a petition from my family in their office and for the past 6 months have refused to attend to it. If there is anything I hate the most is having to put out private issues but from this part of the world,authorities have a way of not urgently attending to life threatening issues. Should I start posting video evidences of this criminal act before actions will be taken against all the parties involved? Or should we continue to be quiet while innocent citizens die everyday in this country? I need everyone’s opinion please. @dssnigeria”

“So for months,I experienced the full meaning of depression. Till date,there are days that I still hide and cry my eyes out. Only those very close to me can tell exactly what I went through trying to gain my sanity back. I am a lot better now but what about those that probably did not survive? do the needful”


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