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How to Practice Listening Skills in a World of Social Media

Here are some good steps to take to make you a better listener.

  1. Listen actively. We live in a world of distractions from different angles, and as a society our focus is somewhat declining. Even if it is for short periods if time, it is important to turn off your distractions, be present and focus. You don’t want to just hear, you want to understand what is being communicated to you.

  2. Develop interest in what is being said. If you don’t care about what is being said, then you will never understand what is being said. Take the time to think and learn about the topic at hand. Also, if you don’t care about the topic or the person speaking to you, chances are you are not going to listen.

  3. Respond in a timely manner. Sometimes when we are listening we want to respond immediately. Whatever emotion is driving you while listening, take time to think of what has been said, and respond when you have a clarity.

  4. Adopt an open posture; Effective listening can be communicated by an open posture. Keep your body loose, and consider leaning forward to demonstrate that you’re eagerly taking in information.

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