African Books That Should Go On Screen

  1. The Wormwood by Tade Thompson; Tade Thompson is a British born Yoruba psychiatrist who is best known for his science fiction novels. These African science fiction novels capture the interaction between an invading alien population, the Homians, and the citizens of Nigeria. Teeming with alien life, Wormwood is an extra-terrestrial biodome that embeds itself in Nigerian soil. Wormwood contains some ritualistic acts of healing on sick human bodies which is a common norm in the African society. If filmed, it would be filled with suspense and lots of actions.

  2. Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, a Kenyan writer. The book opens with a death of Odidi Oganda. He is killed in a gunfight with the police on the streets of Nairobi on the night of the elections, 27 December 2007. His death is not directly linked to the elections, but it is one of the consequences of the indifference that befell Kenya. Dust is a fine, compassionate novel that relishes the complexity of human relations which should be on the scene.

  3. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian novelist and writer. Basically this books depicts the terrors of living with a controlling parent and also the stories of domestic abuse.

  4. The woman next door by Yewande Omotoso, a South-African based novelist. Loving thy neighbor is easier said than done. As with many neighbours, hatred and violence are not far away. This is a tale of two successful and well to do South African female characters, Hortensia James and Marion Agostino. The story also addresses the history of colonialism, slavery, class and race as tensions come to a head.”

  5. “Tomorrow Died Yesterday” by Chimeka Garricks. It is a story of four friends: Doye, Amaibi, Kaniye and Tubo, who grew up together in the Niger- Delta. It is a chronicle of a region in turmoil, of a generation caught up between the expectations of their parents and the decry of the Nigerian situation. These four men have to navigate their issues in different ways, and in their own voices. This will be an ultimate Niger-Delta suspense and an action packed film to be adapted for screen.

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