International Activist, Assa Traore Honoured at BET Awards

The 35-year old international activist, Assa Traore whose brother was killed in the French police custody four years ago has been given the BET Global Good award.

Traore thanked BET for the award and said that it was an acknowledgment of “our fight, an acknowledgment for all the victims, for all the families who keep fighting for truth and justice.”

Traore had heard of her brother’s disappearance and death when she was away from France, a news which made her to return home in order to start a fight that sought the circumstances leading to her brother’s death. This further made her to found the Truth and Justice Committee for Adama, an organization which later started to speak against police violence. The activist also swung into action after George Floyd’s death where she organized a demonstration before the Paris court.

Photo Credit: Twitter (The Hollywood Reporter)

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