Moments of laziness happen to most of us. We get tired and we tend to fall into the pit of procrastination which sucks up whatever strand of motivation left in us. Here is how to find your lost motivation:

  1. Focus on one or two things, don’t allow your workload overwhelm you, pick one or two tasks to focus and finish before moving on

  2. Remind yourself the reason you decided to start the goal. When you are reminded of the reasons why you decided to start your project in the first place, you are motivated to do more.

  3. Schedule time for relaxation. Remember to relax, this may sound redundant but working a long stretch without breaks is no good for you and it can also make you lose motivation.

  4. Organization. Organize your work station, your office, your room. An untidy working environment kills motivation, it makes it seem as if there is no progress. Schedule your activities, if you need to.

  5. Break down a bulky project into simpler tasks. When you do this, you have a renewed motivation to take one step at a time.

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