The world is indeed a wicked one as young Uwa – Vera Uwaila Omozuwa – loses her life when she was reading inside a church in Edo state. The church is said to be the Redeemed Christian Church of God Parish, Edo State which is also not far from her home. Her murderer had raped her before hitting a fire extinguisher on her head which caused her to go into an unconscious state which subsequently led to her death.

A few days ago, a young teenager named Tina also lost her life due to the erring acts of a policeman who couldn’t control the desire to pull the trigger. Many have joined in the call for justice for Uwa and Tina ensuring that their killers are made to pay for their actions.

The deaths of Uwa and Tina reflect the porosity of the state of security in Nigeria. It is saddening that those who have been placed to watch over the lives and properties of Nigerians are the same ones taking the lives of Nigerians.

These deaths remain a mystery, however, we join the voices of other Nigerians to call for justice for Tina and Uwa. Perpetrators of these devious acts should be made to face the law.

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