There has been a ban on religious gathering in different states; however, while certain states have lifted the ban on religious gatherings; some other states are contemplating on lifting the ban on religious gatherings soon. In case there is a total reopening of religious gatherings in states where they have banned, these guidelines can be adopted by churches and mosques:

  1. All religious buildings should be decontaminated before reopening in order to ensure the safety of the people. Pastors and Imams should be trained on how to continually disinfect the buildings in order to ensure safety.

  2. The use of face masks should be made compulsory during religious gatherings. Churches and mosques can also be made to have extra face masks which should not be recycled so as to avoid public embarrassment by security agencies.

  3. Hand sanitizers should be provided at all entrances of the church building.

  4. There must be a provision of water and soap for hand washing at all entrances and exits of the church building.

  5. Infrared thermometers should be used at the entrance of the church so as to prevent those with high fever from coming into the church as high fever is one of the symptoms of the Coronavirus.

  6. Religious leaders should immediately report any suspected case of COVID-19 to the Nigerian Commission for Disease Control

  7. Religious gatherings should be conducted in such a way that members are at least 2 metres apart from each other.

  8. Religious gatherings should not be more than 50 people.

These are guidelines that religious centres can adopt in order to prepare for reopening sooner or later.

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