There have been efforts all over Nigeria and the other parts of the world to disinfect public places due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, some advanced countries such as Russia are seen to be using advanced equipment in the decontamination of its public spaces.

However, there have been questions on whether decontamination is enough strategy to prevent the spread of the virus. Research has shown that the diluted bleach is used in the decontamination process, and thus, it is enough to prevent the potential spread of the Coronavirus as long as people remain indoors.

This is because public places are not the carriers of the virus. Instead, the people who touch these surfaces are the ones who carry the virus and infect the surfaces. Also, the disinfectants used on these surfaces can only last for a few days depending on the level of humidity in the area. Thus, the effectiveness of disinfecting is questioned especially when crowds begin to fill these public spaces.

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