If the idea of survival is not enough anymore to get you out of bed, plunge into the 9-5 grind, come home to crash and repeat then these tips are sure to re-motivate you so to say and revive that dying or dead spark.

  1. Change your focus. What is the problem? Forget it and focus on the solution.

  2. Remind yourself why you are in this line of work and renew your vision. Remind yourself of the joy you expressed on the day you received an appointment letter.

  3. Formulate new and better goals, don’t rest on your laurels, find something else to strive for

  4. Adopt a positive mindset. When you choose the positives and stop focusing on the negatives, you revive your motivation at work.

  5. Surround yourself with passionate people, people who still have a burning vision.

  6. Be patient, your situation may be a result of accumulated stress or generally difficult times. Don’t make any rash decisions, wait, this too shall pass

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